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The Types of Dentists Located in Greenwood Indiana



To many people, the word dentist may mean different things. However, there are different kinds of dentists in the oral care field and identifying each one of them is helpful in knowing which one to visit for a particular problem. Next is a look at the various types of dentists available.


General dentists offer an array of treatment options and preventative services. They are the first dental practitioners you will visit when you need a checkup or in case of a problem. This type of dentist will refer you to another specialist in case your problem requires further treatment. You must read about braces vs invisalign as well.


Prosthodontists specialize in the restoration or replacement of broken bridges, crowns, and dentures. They are also involved in providing sleep apnea treatment, the reconstruction needed in post oral cancer cases, and treating mouth injuries. If you need help comparing braces vs invisalign, these are the dentists to speak to for guidance.


Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are simply orthopedic facial surgeons. Their specializations range from reconstructive facial surgery to the removal of impacted teeth. The doctors also treat defects that involve the aesthetic and functional aspects of the tissue of the maxillofacial and oral region. If you require the removal of wisdom teeth or the correction of misaligned jaws, these are the specialists who will offer the best solutions.


Pediatric dentists or pedodontists are concerned with oral care issues that affect children. They handle kids from their infancy to their teenage years. To provide proper care to children, they work collaboratively with other dentists, pediatricians, and dieticians. Working with these dentists helps prevent a host of issues that may arise later on as your children grow.


Endodontists are soft oral tissue specialists who relieve pain and prevent teeth from being pulled out. Also, they specialize in root canal issues that are sources of teeth removal.


Periodontists are the specialists to see if you are suffering from gum disease. Additionally, they handle dental implants and guided bone regeneration issues. Their overall responsibilities are to prevent, treat, and diagnose issues of the tissue that surrounds teeth. Find out some more information at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/dentistry/.


Oral pathologists are mainly concerned with the examination of tissue removed from the mouth to facilitate the diagnosis of an ailment. They work in collaboration with various other medical and dental specialists who refer patients to them from time to time.


Overall; with a proper understanding of the role that each dental specialist plays in oral care, you can now visit the right professional in the future. Check out some clear alternative to braces.